Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Sale's Conditions and the Shipping expenses

The Sale's Conditions and the Shipping expenses:

1- Minimum Order accepted for supplying is 500.00 US$.

2- The following Discounts will be given on Total sum of the Order:

- For order begins from US$ 1000.00 up to US$ 4199.00 - a Discount of 4%.
B - For order begins from US$ 4200.00 up to US$ 7199.00 - a Discount of 6%
- For order begins from US$ 7200 and Up - a Discount of 8%

3- Packing & Shipping Expenses should be paid by the buyer only, approximately about %12 of the total value of the order.

4- A tracking number of the supplied parcel can be given after the shipping of the parcel.

5- Shipping can be arranged more safely via Aramex Express or DHL Express unless another way is needed by the buyer.

6- Packages are shipped on Saturday and Sunday every week.

7- Payment's Method for the Orders can be given on a request.