Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Proof of Iraqi Stamps from Period of UN Sanctions 1991 up to 2003

Iraqi Postal Stamps issues for year 2008

Iraqi Postal Authority put in use two stamps issues of the following themes: The rejection of violence and the national reconciliation : issued on 27 October 2008 Stamps face values are 250 D + 500 D + 750 D Stamps designed by Atheer Mohammed. Printed in the Post State Printing House in Cairo, Egypt. 50th anniversary of Iraq-China diplomatic relations : issued on 28 October 2008 Stamp of face value: 500 D . Stamps designed by Sa’ad Ghazi. Printed in the Post Chinese printing house.

Two Iraqi Commemorative Stamps from 1965- Erroneous

Friday, October 03, 2008

1954 RCS rev stamp with very sound error

A marginal pair of Iraqi Red Crescent Society rev stamps, each of face value 100 fils issued 1954 with error of distortion happened in red- coloured line for obliterating the old face value (10 fils), a very sound error and scarce at present time.

Basra document from Ottoman Era year 1898

This document related to Khaz'al Khan the Sirdar Aq'des Prince of Arabistan (Now called Moham'marah located at Rep of Iran) from the OTTOMAN ERA where that prince was the ruler of this Arabic county near the Presian Empire. This document stamped with 20 paras black Ottoman revenue stamp. A very Unique document and important to both historians and stamps collectors.