Sunday, August 30, 2009

Iraqi FDCs from Era of General Abdul Karim Qassim

Here Attached scans for complete collection of 10 First Day Covers from Iraqi Era under the rule of General Abdul Karim Qassim (God reset his soul).

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Very Big-sized Iraqi Document

This is a very huge-sized Iraqi Document from the British Occuppation Era. With the following details: Size of cachet document : more than 4 × A4 paper size in width and height dimensions. Nature of document: Notary Public Office document related to Property shares of a family living in Baghdad. Date of Document's Issue: BAGHDAD, 16th of December 1921 , under British occupation of Iraq. Affixed Iraqi revenue stamps: 8 Annas (small ovpt Arabic digit), 8 Annas (Large ovpt Arabic digit, inverted ovpt), 4 Annas (Ottoman views ovptd in Arabic "Dakhal" ) & 5 Rupees (Ottoman views ovptd in Arabic "Dakhal" ). Cachet's Condition: has 4 lines of tear 3 horizontal lines and one vertical line in the middle, but repaired. Revenue Stamps' condition: all in very good condition & were not affected by the tears. All cancelled by signature and negative seals. Two blue-ink colored negative seals of the Notary Public of Baghdad shown stamped on the document in right and left sides of the document