Friday, December 01, 2017

1967 - Iraqi Postal History (Covers) Relief of The Victims of Flood

As Shown in pictures, a collection of posted Iraqi covers which were stamped with the overprinted stamps of Flood's Relief of the year 1967, all these covers were sent inside IRAQ from different cities to the Iraqi Capital , the city of BAGHDAD, and what made them to be the most distinctive covers than the covers which were sent towards the outside of Iraq.

Number of Covers: 16 Covers.
Condition of All covers: from Good to very Good.
Covers exactly as shown in the pictures.

Total Price is: US $ 1600.00

Shipping & Packing Expense: from the buyer's side. an extra of US$ 70.00 should be added, Shipping will be via Aramex or DHL Express.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

7 IRAQI ROYAL Medals King Faisal II - For Sale

Very Important Iraqi Royal Commemorative Medals for Sale:
7 Iraqi Medals from The Era of King Faisal Ii , They are commemorative Medals of Development Week Projects which were issued between years 1955 up to the year of 1958 , the metal of each medal is the Bronze. Each medal has a circular shape with a Diameter of 6.00 cm , All the 7 Medals are Swiss made by ( Huguenin Medailleurs Le Locle) Factories.
The 7 medals consist of:
1955 - " Al-Dourra " Oil Refinery at Baghdad. King's Head.
1956 - " Al-Thurthar " Dam Project. King's Head. medal in its case
1956 - " Al-Ramadi " Dam Project. King's Head. medal in its case
1957 - " Surchnar " Cement Factory at Al-Sulaymaniah. King in civil costume.
1957 - " Al-Mosul " Spinning and Weaving Factory. King in civil costume
1957 - " Two New Brigdes" at Baghdad. King in military costume.
1958 - " Al-Mosul " Sugar Factory. King in civil costume

The Medals Conditions are between Very Good & Excellent.
photos are shown for the Obverse face and the Reverse face of eac
h medal.
Sale Price: US$ 4500.00

A shipping for all countries ( except Israel,Sorry ).