Thursday, July 06, 2017

7 IRAQI ROYAL Medals King Faisal II - For Sale

Very Important Iraqi Royal Commemorative Medals for Sale:
7 Iraqi Medals from The Era of King Faisal Ii , They are commemorative Medals of Development Week Projects which were issued between years 1955 up to the year of 1958 , the metal of each medal is the Bronze. Each medal has a circular shape with a Diameter of 6.00 cm , All the 7 Medals are Swiss made by ( Huguenin Medailleurs Le Locle) Factories.
The 7 medals consist of:
1955 - " Al-Dourra " Oil Refinery at Baghdad. King's Head.
1956 - " Al-Thurthar " Dam Project. King's Head. medal in its case
1956 - " Al-Ramadi " Dam Project. King's Head. medal in its case
1957 - " Surchnar " Cement Factory at Al-Sulaymaniah. King in civil costume.
1957 - " Al-Mosul " Spinning and Weaving Factory. King in civil costume
1957 - " Two New Brigdes" at Baghdad. King in military costume.
1958 - " Al-Mosul " Sugar Factory. King in civil costume

The Medals Conditions are between Very Good & Excellent.
photos are shown for the Obverse face and the Reverse face of eac
h medal.
Sale Price is: US$ 4200.00

A free shipping for all countries ( except Israel,Sorry ).

Sipping: via Aramex Express -DHL Express - where a Tracking Number can be given.

Payment Method: Can be given upon agreement on sale.
Welcome for all of the serious buyers. No Waste of Time.